Experience a whole new approach to making music.

The MIDI controller with a twist.

With X and Y axis to new creativity.


Touch sensitive wood

The direct contact between finger and wood determines your sound.

Creative Sound Design

Infinite combinations on the X and Y axes create completely new worlds of sound.

Like an instrument

Decide what's sounding good only using your fingers and your ears. Just like playing an instrument.

A million possibilities

At the tip of your finger.


Discover sounds that no one has discovered before and get into a new flow of sound design and music production. In addition to swiping, you can control another MIDI parameter. The mynt Pad automatically detects how much of your finger is on the device and sends this information via MIDI. For even more control over your production.

At home in every studio.

Not just functional.


It's the beautiful things in life that inspire us. To us it is crucial that your mynt Pad motivates you to create something new. Due to the uniqueness of the wood used, each piece is one of a kind. Truly a beautiful addition to every studio out there.

Nature right on your desk.

Natural look and feel.


Besides mouse and keyboard, a MIDI controller is probably one of the things we use and touch most often in the studio. That's why we chose wood for the housing material. No other raw material comes close to this warmth and natural feel.

Solid wood
The enclosure of the mynt Pad is crafted from a solid piece of wood.

Ecological and fair sourcing, where we can trace the supply chain back to its origin.

Real people, real products.

A look behind the scenes.


Local production

All product components are sourced and manufactured in our immediate vicinity, right in the heart of Germany. This means we are very close to our partners and at the same time support the local economy.


Passion for quality

How much love has gone into a product can only be seen by looking at the details. They make the difference and lead to a smile the very first time you use the device.


Product development, thought through to the end

The mynt Pad is the result of several years of development work, thousands of hours of tinkering and an endless amount of passion. We have learned a lot during this time, but above all one thing: not to compromise on the things that are really important to us.

A MIDI controller that adapts to you.

For maximum fun making music.


Standalone mode for external devices

We speak native MIDI: Thanks to the built-in TRS jack, the mynt Pad allows you to control external devices that cannot be easily connected to your PC. Synthesizers or effects are connected in seconds via cable and can receive MIDI commands from the mynt Pad. The configuration is done with a few clicks via the included software.

Standalone MIDI

3,5mm Klinke (MIDI TRS-A)

Configuration via software

Use the mynt Pad software to configure your device to send exactly what your synthesizer needs.


Choose your mode

The integrated button allows you to switch between relative and absolute mode. Both have their advantages, in the end it depends on the application which one becomes your standard.


MIDI mapping made easy

Instead of clicking through endless menus, you can intuitively map the mynt Pad using gestures.

How it's working
To enter the mapping mode, simply press and hold the button. To map the X axis swipe from left to right, to map the Y axis swipe from top to bottom. To map the Z axis, briefly place your finger on the device and hold for 2 seconds. The whole process takes less than 10 seconds.



mynt Pad

USB C cable

reusable packaging


width: 97 mm

length: 115 mm

height: 13 mm

weight: 250 g



3.5mm Jack (MIDI TRS-A)

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