Discover, experiment, create.

New opportunities come from new ways.


Modulating sounds has never been easier.

Intuition controlled with just one finger.


The mynt Pad combines the natural feel of an instrument with the full control of MIDI via a touch-sensitive wooden surface. It is much more than a MIDI controller - It's the door to endless possibilities of sound modulation. With just one touch you can control as many parameters as you want via X and Y axis. This allows you to experience a much more direct approach to music production.

Put feeling into your music

Untechnical, dynamic, genuine


Direct access to your music

Think less, feel more: Direct control of parameters lets you control your music without even looking. The mynt Pad lets you translate your finger movements directly into sound. It doesn't get any more direct than this.


Modern wooden design

The mynt Pad is the MIDI controller you'll love to use. The touch-sensitive wooden surface gives you a feel that you usually only get from real instruments.


Made in Germany

Both production and assembly take place in our direct neighborhood. This enables us to keep a constant eye on delivery times and quality. Just like the good old manufactory style.

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Enter a new era of music production.

More creativity, intuition and dynamics.

Good things come to those who wait: Our journey from the initial idea to the mynt Pad took several years. Our vision is still the same.


The beginnings

6 years ago the idea of a new MIDI controller was born. It had to be different, easy to use and beautiful to look at. In 2017, the first prototype saw the light of day. It worked, but that alone was not enough for us.

Our wish for the future

To inspire musicians worldwide with our products and to give them a new approach to their music production - that's our goal. The mynt Pad is just the beginning of our journey; what is yet to come will perhaps turn music production upside down a bit.

The birth of mynt

Even though there were no entrepreneurial intentions behind it, our device was supposed to be perfect. First of all only for us. But what it has become over time - everything you see on this website today - surpasses what we could have imagined back then.

Why we do what we do

Many audio products out today are limiting us. Our vision is to break these limits and move level up music production. We want to bring more intuition, more creativity and more dynamics into (digital) music production.